Great Black Handbags Online, Treat Yourself!

Have you ever wanted a great designer handbag but never thought you deserved it? As a mom, I know what new mommies go   through just to get the baby full term, than delivery and the sleepless nights…. Trust me you are very deserving! I found some great Black Handbags Online, treat yourself to one, with the sale price it has it is worth it!! I found one that I would love to treat myself with, The Coach Leather Carly Bag.

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I may not have any more babies in the house but I still have a four year old. I may not carry diapers, plugs, burp cloths, but I still carry a package of baby wipes. We all know that a four year old can still be messy. {See picture below of my four year old coloring his face with paint, when he should have been painting on his paper!} There is plenty of room in this bag for diapers and wipes and you still look great! With Mother’s Day around the corner, treat yourself to a new bag and celebrate!


Massages in Orange County

All women would love a massage. If you are going to a baby shower and need to buy a gift for the baby you buy something cute like an outfit, but for the mom to be you buy her a pregnancy spa package! She will love you forever. The mommy to be will be exhausted from walking… heck she is going to be tired just from moving any body part in any direction. Lets face it, when you are pregnant, it is exhausting just to go and get a bag of potato chips from the kitchen and go back to the living room to the couch! Mind you that the kitchen and the living room are just a few feet from each other!


My friend just had a baby and she is really tired and soar! She has a birthday coming up and I am thinking that a message would be the perfect gift to give to her! It will help her to relax and will do wonders for her body! A massage would be a great gift for anybody, but a lot of massage companies like massages in Orange County have spa packages just for pregnant women and women who have just given birth to a baby!