Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Disposal Pail

If I was having a baby, I would love to get one of these Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Disposal Pail. It would make things so much easier and my house would not smell. I gave given a few of these diaper genies away as bridal shower gifts and my family and friends raved about how wonderful they are and what a thoughtful and wonderful gift it was.

So whenever I know someone is having a baby, I always tend to get the same gift because I know that Mommy and Daddy will love it and it will be very helpful. I know if I was having a baby I would want things that would make my life helpful and easy! Whatever keeps the babies happy, I will buy! Along with what makes mommy and daddy happy too!

I think this would be a great for any new new mommys. Or a gift for someone who knows someones who needs one.



Diaper Bags

Diaper Bags are very important to have for your every day life when you have a child! They can carry just about everything you need to bring with you when you are going some where. Taking a child with you to places can be very easy when you have a diaper bag. You can get a diaper bag that is more appropriate for a man to carry around or a really girly diaper bag for mommy to carry around! There are so many different diaper bags to pick from!