Fun Baby Socks

21564_meds 30329_meds 30330_medsOk, since my last post with the Johnny’s Socks, I have found more socks that I just had to share. When I had my kids I was often gifted shoes that served as no purpose, other than a waste of money. I loved a good pair of fun socks however, socks are a useful gift that is good all year around.  I found some fun baby girl and boy socks that are Baby Shower worthy.

12790_meds 16193_meds 19306_medsCheck out this great selection of boys and girls socks that I found.  Sock   choices are Baby Tube Socks, Tillys Sandal Socks, Baby Boy Oxford Socks, Skater Jenny Infant Socks, Infant Shoe Sock for Boys and Girls,  Mary Jane Infant Socks, Infant Cowboy Socks,  and the adorable Jitterbug Jenny Socks. Each pair is unique, I bought the Infant Cowboy socks for my god son who is from a farming family. His mom loves them and they go perfectly with his John Deere Outfit and baby cowboy hat.


Get A Waxing Poetic Charm of Your Babies Birth Month

yhst-94666432756749_2251_3293597 As a mommy myself to three beautiful children, one of my greatest things that I have received was a charm bracelet. I recently added waxing poetic charms of my babies birth months to my charm bracelet and love it. They are beautiful and it gives you bragging rights when people see them and ask about them.  We bought my mom a charm bracelet for Christmas and each of my sisters bought my mom charms with our birth month. She loved getting the bracelet and has since added charms for all of her grand children as well.


March Birth Month

She is stopped in line at the grocery store and people ask about her charm bracelet. She loves the attention that she gets, and loves telling everyone what the charms stand for.  You can add other charms to your bracelet, marking memorable moments in your life. A Charm bracelet would also make a great new mommy gift for a baby shower, or baby gift. Does anyone own a charm bracelet? What charms do you have on your bracelet? When I am not wearing my charm bracelet I like to hang it on my wood bangle stand.