Fun Uncommon Baby Gifts

I found a couple of fun uncommon baby gifts that are sure to be a hit. Check out these baby fortune cookie booties, they are absolutely adorable. Now that your new bundle of joy is here, take a look inside this fortune cookie, the fortunes read  “From small beginnings come great things” on one bootie and “An amazing adventure awaits you” on the other. If you are headed to a baby shower soon, these would make a great gift!


Lets face it dressing up babies is fun, but not always do they get dressed in things that are practical. Take shoes for instance, there is no need for them, they can’t walk, and they make their feet sweaty and hot. I love the idea of these Johnny’s Infant Socks. They have the look  of tennis shoes, without the bulk! I just bought these a couple weeks ago for a baby shower that I have to go to next week. I am sure that they will be a big hit!


Pampers Sensitive Wipes

From experience, we went through a ton of wipes, from birth to my sons current age of 4 1/2. We use wipes all the time, I mean they are kids and even when they get older they still get messy. I always keep a pack or two in my car at all times, as well as in the bathroom.  Let’s face it kids are messy and wipes are so handy to have around. My two oldest have a pack of them in their lockers at school, and in their desks. I am not sure if I am germ-a-phobic, but one thing I don’t like are dirty hands and faces.


Right now you can save almost nine dollars by getting your Pampers Sensitive Wipes from Amazon. This Pampers Sensitive Wipes pack gets you 768 wipes and a tub to hold them in. Maybe you are reading this and you don’t have any kids, no worries, these wipes would make a great baby shower gift too!! You can never go wrong with buying wipes for a baby shower. Get these wipes today and save!