Fun Uncommon Baby Gifts

I found a couple of fun uncommon baby gifts that are sure to be a hit. Check out these baby fortune cookie booties, they are absolutely adorable. Now that your new bundle of joy is here, take a look inside this fortune cookie, the fortunes read  “From small beginnings come great things” on one bootie and “An amazing adventure awaits you” on the other. If you are headed to a baby shower soon, these would make a great gift!


Lets face it dressing up babies is fun, but not always do they get dressed in things that are practical. Take shoes for instance, there is no need for them, they can’t walk, and they make their feet sweaty and hot. I love the idea of these Johnny’s Infant Socks. They have the look  of tennis shoes, without the bulk! I just bought these a couple weeks ago for a baby shower that I have to go to next week. I am sure that they will be a big hit!


Summer Infant 02000 BabyTouch Touch Screen Digital Video Monitor

Summer Infant 02000 BabyTouch Touch Screen Digital Video Monitor

Babies make noise, then move around, and sometimes we are not quite sure what in the world they are up to in their crib! Thats why the Baby Touch Touch Screen Digital Video Monitor is an awesome gift! You never know when your baby is in trouble or getting into trouble which makes this a wonderful thing to have!