Tiny Love Tummy-Time Pillow & Mat – Frog

Tummy time is a very important part of development in infants.  Since babies sleep on their backs to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, it is important to give them time on their tummies to develop mentally and physically. When your baby is laying on their tummy, your baby will be lifting their head, which will strengthen their upper back muscles and their neck. Being able to move his or her head reduces your baby’s risk of SIDS because he/she can move away from anything smothering him/her. Strong muscles let your baby roll over, sit, and crawl. Tummy time also gives your child a different view of the world.


This Tiny Love Tummy Time Pillow & Mat is  ideal for extended tummy time. With the tummy-time pillow is just the right size for propping up your baby and features a cute, smiling frog. The mirror engages your child and invites self-discovery. The play mat features colorful teething toys and a crinkly, textured frog leg to encourage reaching and grasping. The mat is padded for comfort and washable so it is easy to clean. This is a great mat for travel since it is a great size and easy to fold up and pack away in your bag.