Enjoy the weather and get back to pre-baby weight with a Jogging Stroller

One of my most favorite things to do once my body had recovered from having a baby was head to the mall {I had my first baby in October and with the winter weather here was not able to walk outside} and walk the mall for exercise. My daughter loved to sleep and would do so as I did my daily laps at the mall in our town. This was a great way for me to get out of the house to exercise. I loved the jogging stroller that we got and it was very useful as soon as we moved to a country location with a gravel road.


Jogging strollers are great because they can be used just like a regular stroller. The jogging stroller is light weight and easy to push, the canopy has a nice little peek a boo window to look in on your baby. The front try holds your water or sippy cups, your child can sit all the way up or can recline back for easy comfortable sleeping.  If you do a lot of things outdoors I would recommend getting the Jogging Stroller Rain Cover, this is a clear cover that fits over the car seat, your baby will stay nice and dry inside.  We bought our jogging stroller from Scheels All Sports and loved it.


Britax Car Seats

When you have your first child you want to do everything right, you usually buy way too much and have stuff that you never end up using. One of the best investments that my husband and I made was purchasing a Britax Car Seat. Britax has been the leader in the car seat industry for forty years, offering a full line of car seats. You can get all your car seat needs met with Britax, they offer infant carriers, convertible car seats, combination seats and booster seats.


We really love our Britax car seat because it grows with my son as he grows. We have had three different Britax car seats for our three kids, we had the Marathon Car Seat for my daughter. The Marathon can be used rear facing for babies and front facing for children up to 49 inches in height and 65 pounds. The Marathon offers side impact protection and a tangle free five point harness. It also has a couple recline positions that will suit your babies needs. We loved this car seat.



We also had the Roundabout Car Seat, this seat only goes to hold up to 50 pounds. We quickly found out that we needed the car seat that held bigger children, both of my boys were born early weighing 9lbs 14 oz so they were bigger sturdy kids. This car seat still had all the amazing safety features.



Our third Britax car seat was a Boulevard  that went to 70 pounds, this has been a great car seat for my now four year old, this is his third year in the car seat. The Boulevard car seat has the HUGS Chest Pads with SafetyCell Technology, engineered structures that are designed to compress in a crash and manage energy to reduce the amount of impact forces experienced by your child. Check out the link for more information.



Later this year my son will be graduating out of his Boulevard car seat and into the Frontier Car Seat. The Frontier Car Seat will hold him till the weight of 125 pounds.  We believe that safety is really important, my nine year old still sits in a booster {yes she may be old enough to be out of a seat, however I feel the weight is more important. She does not weigh enough to be out of a seat and sits in a Parkway Car Seat with the back removed}. We feel it is better to be safe than sorry and we are willing to pay for good car seats that have great ratings as well as good safety features.







The Britax company also offers infant carriers, which we did not have. but I will give you the details for one. The Chaperone Car Seat, this car seat features the anti rebound bar that stabilizes child seat by minimizing rotational forces associated with front and rear collisions. This bar is on the base for the car seat. Holds a child up to 30 pounds, offers you true side impact protection, tangle free five point harness and many more great features. We were able to purchase our Britax car seats right at our local Target.