Pampers Sensitive Wipes

From experience, we went through a ton of wipes, from birth to my sons current age of 4 1/2. We use wipes all the time, I mean they are kids and even when they get older they still get messy. I always keep a pack or two in my car at all times, as well as in the bathroom.  Let’s face it kids are messy and wipes are so handy to have around. My two oldest have a pack of them in their lockers at school, and in their desks. I am not sure if I am germ-a-phobic, but one thing I don’t like are dirty hands and faces.


Right now you can save almost nine dollars by getting your Pampers Sensitive Wipes from Amazon. This Pampers Sensitive Wipes pack gets you 768 wipes and a tub to hold them in. Maybe you are reading this and you don’t have any kids, no worries, these wipes would make a great baby shower gift too!! You can never go wrong with buying wipes for a baby shower. Get these wipes today and save!

Benefits of Pre/Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy takes a toll on our bodies and our hormones. It’s important to treat yourself to relaxation techniques in order to live a healthy lifestyle and keep a clear mind. Prenatal massage helps relax and provides new mom to be with her own “mommy personal time”. Prenatal massage also promotes sleep, reduces joint pain caused by muscle tension or swelling, eases backache tension and reduces stress on weight bearing joints.

Massage during and after pregnancy is also key to a relaxing mindset and body. A great gift to give to a friend or expecting family member is a massage. Many times we always think of what to get for the baby but getting gifts for Mom is just as important. Surprise new Mommy with a relaxation get away massage. Postnatal massage helps increase the healing process by more blood flow to healing areas.

Best Mommy Gift-Relaxation

Mom’s do so much for us, especially right after giving birth. This is the most exciting, scary and nervewreching time of her life. To deal with the new stress and as a retreat get the new Mom in your life a post natal massage. Of course, if there is an expecting mother she would appreciate one as well.

Massages trigger our senses and allow us to completely become in a tranquil state of relaxation. I can’t think of anybody better that deserves/ could use a massage more than Mom’s.Give it as a birthday, holiday, anniversary gift or just because. You know how appreciative and surprised your Mom will be! Let her know how much you care and knock her socks off with a relaxing massage! I found a hot spot in Orange County where you will receive the best treatment all for a reasonable price. Let Mom unwind at Cloudmover.

For the new Mommy!

Gifts for the baby good, but the new Mommy needs gifts too. This awesome set from Philosophy for that new Mom to be. I am big fan of Philosophy products and I recommend them to everyone! They are super soft on the skin. I have very sensitive skin and it was very important for me to find something that would not make me break out as I have trouble skin with acne too.

According to Sephora.Com:

A four-piece skincare set created especially for new moms.

What it does:
This set features Philosophy’s bestselling facial cleanser and moisturizer as well as their soap-and-water clean fragrance created to help a new mom care for her skin and her well-being while tending to her little bundle of joy.

This set contains:
– 2 oz Purity Made Simple
– 1 oz Hope In A Jar
– 2 oz Pure Grace Foaming Bath and Shower Cream
– 2 oz Pure Grace Body Lotion