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Have you ever wanted a great designer handbag but never thought you deserved it? As a mom, I know what new mommies go   through just to get the baby full term, than delivery and the sleepless nights…. Trust me you are very deserving! I found some great Black Handbags Online, treat yourself to one, with the sale price it has it is worth it!! I found one that I would love to treat myself with, The Coach Leather Carly Bag.

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I may not have any more babies in the house but I still have a four year old. I may not carry diapers, plugs, burp cloths, but I still carry a package of baby wipes. We all know that a four year old can still be messy. {See picture below of my four year old coloring his face with paint, when he should have been painting on his paper!} There is plenty of room in this bag for diapers and wipes and you still look great! With Mother’s Day around the corner, treat yourself to a new bag and celebrate!


Surprise that new mom on Mother’s Day, with Mariana Jewelry

As a mother to three beautiful children, I am married to a very hard working man who is an outstanding father. They all complete my world and I would not really need anything else besides them for the rest of my life. We are family that does absolutely everything together, we love to watch movies, play board games, even put together puzzles around the kitchen table. {I wish I would have taken pictures of our last puzzle time experience, we all gather around the kitchen table, two of my children were on top of the table trying to find pieces} We have such a great time together.


Mother’s Day this year again lands on Fishing Opener weekend, my daughter’s Dance Recital weekend as well as Mother’s Day weekend! Now most women would be asking for or wanting their hubby’s to be around. I am perfectly fine sharing my Mother’s Day weekend with my family, we all support each other in every way that I would be happy that they were having a great time too.


I don’t know about you, but I have never asked for a gift. I get asked what I want for my birthday and I always say nothing. However, this year I did find some great Mariana Jewelry that I would love. I have been searching for a wonderful gift for my mom for Mother’s Day and I found it at The Lamp Stand, the Mariana Jewelry is amazing and I found this Mariana Guardian Angel Pendent that will be perfect for her. Every one needs a guardian angel, my family recently lost my little brother, he was only 20 years old. He was my mother’s only son, with the five other children being all girls. My mom needs a guardian angel, maybe all of my sisters need one too, including myself. 546104_10150800955644755_1727689294_n

In Loving Memory of our little brother our “Guardian Angel”