Huntington Beach Facials For Mommy

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Most of us have been there, you get pregnant and your hormones go crazy! When I was pregnant with my second, for some reason my skin was dry, cracked and in much need of a trip to Hunting Beach facials for mommy trip. I mean for 40 weeks your body is hard at work growing a human inside of you, your tired and rarely you think about yourself because your too busy thinking about the baby or your other daily life.


During your pregnancy your body will increase its blood volume so it can provide blood for the growing baby. However, this increase can also cause your sebaceous glands to release more oil, leaving your skin prone to breakouts. That is when it is time to head to Huntington Beach and get a facial to help re-hydrate your skin and get the spa treatment to get your glow back. My husband was really good at understanding what my body needed while I was pregnant, so he frequently surprised me with gift certificates to get a facial, pedicure and massages. God, I found me a good man!! Don’t let your skin get you down, go get pampered and get a facial.

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Benefits of Pre/Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy takes a toll on our bodies and our hormones. It’s important to treat yourself to relaxation techniques in order to live a healthy lifestyle and keep a clear mind. Prenatal massage helps relax and provides new mom to be with her own “mommy personal time”. Prenatal massage also promotes sleep, reduces joint pain caused by muscle tension or swelling, eases backache tension and reduces stress on weight bearing joints.

Massage during and after pregnancy is also key to a relaxing mindset and body. A great gift to give to a friend or expecting family member is a massage. Many times we always think of what to get for the baby but getting gifts for Mom is just as important. Surprise new Mommy with a relaxation get away massage. Postnatal massage helps increase the healing process by more blood flow to healing areas.

Fashionable Baby Fur Boots!

The Minnesota winters can be very cold, and i know not all baby shoes are that well insulated. Ive been looking around town for a nice  warm pair of boots for my little niece, but couldn’t find anything. Finally, I found these warm and stylish boots from Babies-R-Us. They have faux fur exterior and Padded sole with a non-skid bottom. Super cute!

Bumblebee Baby Nail Clipper

My cousin has always had a hard time clipping her baby’s nails. Her finger would always slip while trying to press down on the clipper. Which would sometimes result in her cutting her baby’s fingernails’ too short. She tried to use an adult clipper to cut the nails, but it was just too big. I finally found this bumble bee nail clipper. She absolutely loves it! Its a safety nail clipper for baby care with a soft grip. It has comfortable grip and thumb pad lever which helps prevent your thumb from moving off the clipper lever. The nail clipper is just the right size for a baby’s fine nails.

adorable baby comb and brush

These are the only comb and brush i could find anywhere and they work really well! The bristles are very soft so it doesn’t hurt to untangle any knots and the brush and comb themselves are simply adorable! The baby hair brush and comb have soft ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip not only for adults to use on their baby, but also for young children learning to brush their own hair. The brush features super soft bristles while the fine tines of the comb help to untangle hair.