Custom Designed Rings for Baby

Because of the unique ways rings can be customized now they make ideal baby presents for the new little bundle of joy in your life. Baby rings have been a traditional gift, usually they are a simple gold band that the baby will wear only on special occasions. Then as they grow the ring can be worn on a chain when it no longer fits. The tiny baby rings becomes a charm. As a spin on baby rings many jewelers are now customizing them. The world of jewelry customization has really opened up and the methods used have improved a great deal.

baby rings

Custom designed rings are limited only by the imagination. Fingerprints are a new trend used for customization, the fingerprint is taken and “imprinted” either on the inside of the ring or as the design for the outside. Birth stones can be added to bring color and signify the child, siblings, or parents. A special verse from the bible or a meaningful quote are also nice as a remembrance. The special child who is presented with a baby ring can have it all their life and pass it on to their own child.



Do you do a lot of traveling? Check out these neat gadgets for traveling with kids!

I would like to think that I spend a lot of time at home, however there are several times I can look back and remember we were on the go a lot. I have hand picked some items that are convenient, for eating out, shopping, snacking and more. The first one is the Toddler No Spill Snack Cup, we all know how hungry toddlers can be. Usually when they want something they want it now, on their time.  This genius cup won’t spill, it is super easy for kids use and hold. The top is soft, always-gentle, and easy to reach-in lid, makes it easy for those little fingers to use.

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My next on the go item is The Sit Seat Baby Travel Harness. With this sit folded up in its convenient carrying case, you can stick it in the trunk of your car, glove compartment, or even in your diaper bag or purse. There were many occasions that I got to a restaurant with my child and there were no high chairs left or even available. This Sit Seat Baby Travel Harness works great on chairs, and has a dual purpose as well, attaching your child to you while flying in an airplane. This is a great gift for those busy traveling parents!

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Huntington Beach Facials For Mommy

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Most of us have been there, you get pregnant and your hormones go crazy! When I was pregnant with my second, for some reason my skin was dry, cracked and in much need of a trip to Hunting Beach facials for mommy trip. I mean for 40 weeks your body is hard at work growing a human inside of you, your tired and rarely you think about yourself because your too busy thinking about the baby or your other daily life.


During your pregnancy your body will increase its blood volume so it can provide blood for the growing baby. However, this increase can also cause your sebaceous glands to release more oil, leaving your skin prone to breakouts. That is when it is time to head to Huntington Beach and get a facial to help re-hydrate your skin and get the spa treatment to get your glow back. My husband was really good at understanding what my body needed while I was pregnant, so he frequently surprised me with gift certificates to get a facial, pedicure and massages. God, I found me a good man!! Don’t let your skin get you down, go get pampered and get a facial.

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Benefits of Pre/Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy takes a toll on our bodies and our hormones. It’s important to treat yourself to relaxation techniques in order to live a healthy lifestyle and keep a clear mind. Prenatal massage helps relax and provides new mom to be with her own “mommy personal time”. Prenatal massage also promotes sleep, reduces joint pain caused by muscle tension or swelling, eases backache tension and reduces stress on weight bearing joints.

Massage during and after pregnancy is also key to a relaxing mindset and body. A great gift to give to a friend or expecting family member is a massage. Many times we always think of what to get for the baby but getting gifts for Mom is just as important. Surprise new Mommy with a relaxation get away massage. Postnatal massage helps increase the healing process by more blood flow to healing areas.

Storage ideas

Kids rooms are always messy. When I was a kid, my room was always messy. I wish that I had a awesome storage box like the one above. I think if I had something like that, my room wouldnt be to messy. It would have also taugh me to keep my room much neater and that I dont need to throw stuff all over my room for my mom or dad to pick up.

I remember my room being so messy you couldnt walk through it. I would play with toys and them throw them on the floor because I didnt know where it to put them. But in time, I got a bigger room and I got older. I didnt like a messy room and was much better at keeping it clean. Even as a teenager, my room was always pretty much clean.

My thing is the more you have, the more messier it will be!