Custom Designed Rings for Baby

Because of the unique ways rings can be customized now they make ideal baby presents for the new little bundle of joy in your life. Baby rings have been a traditional gift, usually they are a simple gold band that the baby will wear only on special occasions. Then as they grow the ring can be worn on a chain when it no longer fits. The tiny baby rings becomes a charm. As a spin on baby rings many jewelers are now customizing them. The world of jewelry customization has really opened up and the methods used have improved a great deal.

baby rings

Custom designed rings are limited only by the imagination. Fingerprints are a new trend used for customization, the fingerprint is taken and “imprinted” either on the inside of the ring or as the design for the outside. Birth stones can be added to bring color and signify the child, siblings, or parents. A special verse from the bible or a meaningful quote are also nice as a remembrance. The special child who is presented with a baby ring can have it all their life and pass it on to their own child.