Using Sign Language With Your Baby

It is never too late to start using sign language with your baby. I started using sign language with my daughter when she was almost 8 months old, with my boys I started right away. {seems like the first baby is always the tester} Signing with my daughter was so easy, I used basic signs like “more” see below picture.  Ever time I would ask her if she wanted “more” milk or more snack I would use the sign. It was only after a few attempts that she put two and two together and started signing it herself. Now some of you may think that by using sign language that your child will stop talking, not true.

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Using Sign Language with your child actually helps in many ways, including:

*Promoting development of language skills

*Reinforces the language skills your child has already developed

*Reduces the frustration of not being able to express his or her needs

*Increases creative thinking

* Reduces emotional outbursts

There are several more reasons why sign language is helpful if you want you can go to this website Baby and Sign Language to read more.


When my third child was born three weeks early, he was a healthy 9lbs 9oz. He was a happy baby, and like the other kids I started using sign language. My third child was much different, he was not responding to my sign language. At his one year check up with his pediatrician, when they start asking you all of the milestones your child should have met, I was answering NO to all of them. At that point I knew some thing was wrong. His doctor asked me if it was ok if he referred me to the county who would send someone out to have him tested. Since I had gone through the testing with child number two, finding he has Sensory Processing Disorder, I was ok with the testing of my third child Brock.

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After several long days of testing, with the help of some great Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists, we were off to the Audiologist for some testing. After the testing we found out that my little BIG guy was only hearing at 40%, there was so much fluid deep in his ear that was not picked up by a regular examination. A surgery date was set for the day before Thanksgiving. After surgery, it was like I had a whole new baby, big smiles and responded to noise, it was amazing. See a Pre Op photo below.  He could now hear me, hear my voice, my commands, he could hear his brother and sister talking to him. It really was an amazing thing.  I started right away with sign language, knowing that he would catch on. It was like I was starting with a newborn anyway, and within a month he was catching on. He has struggled a lot with the delay, which set him back 6 months in some areas and 9 months in others. With the help of a great team of Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists he is well on his way.

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Today he attends Preschool at our local Elementary, attending the Early Childhood Special Education Program. Taking preschool through this class will get him caught up with other his age,  as well as prepare him for the start of Kindergarten in two years. I cannot tell you enough how helpful sign language has been for my kids. There are a lot of inexpensive books available at Barnes & Noble that will guide you in teaching your child Sign Language.

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