Tiny Love Tummy-Time Pillow & Mat – Frog

Tummy time is a very important part of development in infants.  Since babies sleep on their backs to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, it is important to give them time on their tummies to develop mentally and physically. When your baby is laying on their tummy, your baby will be lifting their head, which will strengthen their upper back muscles and their neck. Being able to move his or her head reduces your baby’s risk of SIDS because he/she can move away from anything smothering him/her. Strong muscles let your baby roll over, sit, and crawl. Tummy time also gives your child a different view of the world.


This Tiny Love Tummy Time Pillow & Mat is  ideal for extended tummy time. With the tummy-time pillow is just the right size for propping up your baby and features a cute, smiling frog. The mirror engages your child and invites self-discovery. The play mat features colorful teething toys and a crinkly, textured frog leg to encourage reaching and grasping. The mat is padded for comfort and washable so it is easy to clean. This is a great mat for travel since it is a great size and easy to fold up and pack away in your bag.

Make Tummy Time Fun!

It is important for babies to have “Tummy Time”. Having this tummy time will allow them the experience of being on their tummy helping the babies learn to push up, roll over, sit up, crawl, and pull to a stand. Creating a fun space on the floor is essential for tummy time. Your baby is used to sleeping on his or her back, so try creating fun entertainment so your child can be entertained while having tummy time. You will also want to keep your baby company while they are doing their tummy time. Keeping your baby distracted while they are face down is key until they get used to this tummy time.


Big Top Baby Three Piece Baby Gift Set


While your baby is adjusting to tummy time you will want to provide some entertainment. Maybe have the other brothers and sisters nearby to talk to the baby. You may also want some nice soft plush toys nearby to look at. You will want to place the baby on a fun colorful mat, see picture above. Another way to help with tummy time would be to use a rolled towel or even a Boppy Pillow to prop your baby up, putting them under the chest with arms out in front of them.


Big Top Tummy Time Circus Playmat


Another one of my children’s favorites, is an exercise ball. I had bought an exercise ball at Walmart to use during my pregnancy, since sitting on a normal chair really irritated my sciatic nerve in my side. I used a big blanket and set it on top of the ball, while holding the babies legs and back my husband and I would roll the kids back and fourth. Of course we used this method when the kids were almost five and six months old and not newborns.  How do you like to have tummy time with your baby?



Bottle Tether,Toy Tether, Sippy Strap with Suction Cup

Here is a great find from Etsy, a Bottle tether, Toy Tether, and Sippy Strap with Suction Cup.  Nothing is grosser than when you are out in a restaurant and the baby throw her cup or bottle to the floor. You have to take it into the bathroom to wash it off.  This sippy strap is great for tables, high chairs, and even stick it to the car window next to your child’s car seat.  The strap can hold up to 25 pounds, so if your child has a favorite toy, you could strap the toy to it.


If you are headed out, and your using something that doesn’t have the ability to use the suction, no worries it still works by removing the suction. Strap the tether to your stroller, shopping cart, wagon, and even strap it to your backpack carrier for hiking. The possibilities are endless. This strap will save many a bottles and sippy’s from being thrown to the ground and getting dirty. This is defintely a must have for all you mamma’s out there. Head over and check it out, for the great price you could get a couple and keep on in the diaper bag!!



The Bumble Collection

Peony Paradise Jessica Convertible Diaper Messenger Bag

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes -  Kids II - Toys"R"Us

This Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes hand held toy was my son’s favorite toy when he was between the ages of 1 to 6 months. He still loves it at 9 months, but when he was younger he had to bring it with him every where. He brought it with in the car and would play it him self all of the time! We recieved this gift at a baby shower and I definitely suggest that if you are selecting a toy for a baby shower than this is something to consider!

Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks

Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks -  Fisher-Price - Toys"R"Us

Baby’s First Blocks are an awesome toy for your baby to learn hand eye coordination. Your baby will learn the shapes and will figure out how to put the different shapes in their correct holes. It will be fun for your baby to play with their blocks! I would strongly suggest that if you are getting a toy for a child on his or her 1st birthday party that this be the one you purchase!