Adorable Baby Shower Invitations

I am surrounded by pregnant friends and relatives! There happens to be a standing bet among my sisters that my husband and I will have another baby. So far I am still winning!! Ha ha, we would love to have another baby, however we are planning on building a new house, since we really don’t have the room for another baby right now. Anyway, my friends and a couple cousins are pregnant, and my very best friend just had a baby two weeks ago! My husband and I were so blessed to be asked to be god parents. After the arrival of my god child I was asked to search for some fun baby shower invitations, so I did just that!

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Baby showers are so much fun to go too, especially if they are after the baby is born! When we had the baby shower for my first child, it was planned so that I would still be pregnant. My daughter had other plans and decided to come three weeks early. It ended up she was at the baby shower, which was a blessing in disguise, since I had some family in from out of state. Baby showers can be so much fun, and the games are always a blast. Are you planning a baby shower? Here are some fun baby shower games ideas, check them out when planning your shower.

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Bottle Tether,Toy Tether, Sippy Strap with Suction Cup

Here is a great find from Etsy, a Bottle tether, Toy Tether, and Sippy Strap with Suction Cup.  Nothing is grosser than when you are out in a restaurant and the baby throw her cup or bottle to the floor. You have to take it into the bathroom to wash it off.  This sippy strap is great for tables, high chairs, and even stick it to the car window next to your child’s car seat.  The strap can hold up to 25 pounds, so if your child has a favorite toy, you could strap the toy to it.


If you are headed out, and your using something that doesn’t have the ability to use the suction, no worries it still works by removing the suction. Strap the tether to your stroller, shopping cart, wagon, and even strap it to your backpack carrier for hiking. The possibilities are endless. This strap will save many a bottles and sippy’s from being thrown to the ground and getting dirty. This is defintely a must have for all you mamma’s out there. Head over and check it out, for the great price you could get a couple and keep on in the diaper bag!!



The Bumble Collection

Peony Paradise Jessica Convertible Diaper Messenger Bag

Great Diaper Bag For Him Too!

I saw this personalized diaper bag on the internet and I hope I get something close to this for a gift.”Made for Mom, Dad and Baby! These generously sized Personalized Diaper bags have 9 pockets and a changing pad and are roomy enough for diapers, bottles, snacks and more.” It sounds perfect,because when I get tired of caring it around,my husband can take it for a bit and it won’t look to girly!